Green thumb, maybe!

All the plants I touch die!

If you're reading this article, you're probably not very good with flowers but would still like to use them to give some liveliness to your home.
In order not to make you feel alone, we too are a landslide when we have to take care of plants and flowers, however we don't want to give up this element that we consider essential for furnishing.
Indeed, each plant needs specific care and a lot of attention, things that we often cannot afford to give in modern life.

Why are plants essential for decor?

The interiors designers in recent years are increasingly supporting the philosophy of reconciling man with the natural environment.

For example, open spaces are preferred, which allow natural light to enter and make people feel in close contact with nature.

This is because it helps reduce the stress of a busy life.

In fact, several studies have shown that only the colors of vegetation, such as green, have a positive influence on the nervous system, calming it down.

Consequently, the best choice to better enjoy everyday life will be to surround ourselves with the right colors.

What to do if you don't have a green thumb?

Not all of you knew this, but before New AVEnue Living I wanted to start a fresh flower business.

However, as you reading this article probably will be, I'm completely clueless with plant care, so I searched for the most beautiful artificial flower companies to give everyone the opportunity to color their home with beautiful and hyper realistic flowers that don't die never!

Artificial flowers, but do they look real?

Our flowers are practically identical to the real ones even seen in person, in fact many of you who come to the shop often ask if they are real flowers.

There are many types, each with its own characteristics

For example, those in fabric, like the roses you see above, are very resistant and have a stem with a metal interior, perfect for being shaped as you like to create unique compositions!

Others are the foam ones, more imaginative, they are water resistant.

Finally, there are Real Touch flowers, which look real even to the touch.

All the flowers listed can be found on our website in the Artificial Flowers section.

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